The lead-free composite material SO#936FR is used for maintenance-free plain bearings that preferably run dry, i.e. without lubricant. The rolled and calibrated bushings are made of thin-walled strip material. The butt joint runs parallel to the bushing axis.


-       Good sliding properties of the maintenance-free bronze / PTFE sliding layer.

-       Suitable for dry running and clean operation.

-       Smooth movement, without stick-slip effect.

-       For oscillating and rotating movements, even at low speed.

-       Low friction, low wear and long service life.

-       High specific load, even shock-wise.

-       Temperature resistant between -200 and +280 °C.

-       Largely chemically resistant.

An adaptation process takes place on the sliding surfaces of the shaft and bushing during the first hours of operation. The surface structure of the shaft smoothes out and absorbs part of the PTFE sliding layer.

Running-in characteristic

This improves the load-bearing contact surfaces and the load-bearing capacity between the elements. Depending on the load, the run-in wear according to Fig. 1 stabilises within a short time and leads to a favourable coefficient of friction. 

Installation note