Linear guides

Linear guides

SANKYO linear guides „LG“ are guiding systems with plain bearing integrated made of special copper alloy.
The inserted solid lubricants achieve best sliding properties without any maintenance. High robustness and dirt resistance mark the SANKYO linear guides

  • no permanent lubrication required, therefore clean and environmentally friendly
  • applicable in high-temperature range (300°C), resistant against splash water
  • the reails are made for high loads at moderate movement thanks to their large contact surface and high-tensile material
  • the sliding elements are resistant against shock and torsion load
  • stable sliding guidance (X-shape for LG-011, T-shape for LG-008) provide a safety and smooth movement
  • sliding elements with V-shape (LG-011) are adjustable, which enables backlash-free slide motions
  • the solid lubricants guarantee a constant friction coefficient over liftetime, further lubrication is not needed
  • scrapers on both sides prevent the intrusion of dirt


Undrilled guide rails available to maximize the fl exibility on the rail layout. This make it feasible to adopt hole patterns from the customer and to replace existing guiding systems. It is also possible to string together or shorten the guide rail.

Linear Guides